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Here is what some happy customers have said about Fat Cat premium cat furniture! 

"As soon as Carl and I carried it in the door, the younger cat jumped on it and rode it as we carried it up the stairs. It's a big hit!"

- Anneli Kyner

"I have spent years looking for a piece if cat furniture that my big guys would be content with and wouldn't destroy. Your products are sturdy, strong, and are purrrfect for my XXL kitties."

- Lisa Rodgers

"Thank you, Fat Cat Creations, for delivering my new 6 foot cat tree. My Persians simply love it!"

- Christi Hemming

"The custom designs that you created for me look even better than what I had imagined. Thank you, Fat Cat Creations. My kitties and I will enjoy this piece of furniture for a long time to come."

- Monique

"Mike, your cat trees are a really great value for cat breeders like me."

- Alice

"Fat Cat Creations made the whole process so easy. From the purchase at such a great price, to the delivery. I never could have gotten my new cat tree home by myself."

- Beth

"What a great product! The designs and quality of Fat Cat Creations cat trees are unmatched anywhere."

- Tammi Sanders

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